Lately I’ve been thinking about terms World and Universe, and the future. What will happen to them when we discover new worlds and settle on other planets? Today when we say “World Championship” we actually mean “Planet Championship”. It sounds severly narrow minded to treat our planet as the only place in the world, but it’s the legacy and we continue to hammer this meaning into the new citizens’ heads.

No less confusing is the term “Miss Universe” with the planetary meaning again, but this time we do something, like Planet to the power of 2. We call the same place with a stronger name to give it more importance, or alternatively assuming there’s no other race in the whole Universe could possibly compete with humans in beauty. For the record, there’s Miss Universe but there’s no Mister Universe.

We constantly put ourselves in different dumb positions and it has already become acceptable, no matter how high the position of a person on the society ladder. It’s in our nature. We see all these UFOs and signs coming from the above to ensure us that we aren’t alone, and still continue to invent terms ignoring this fact.

I’m in anticipation of the first interplanetary contact. It’ll clear things up.