Yesterday I was fixing a pipe in the kitchen, today it was the bathroom door. These days I’m feeling like a true house-husband. Taking the wooden door heavy as hell off the hinges appeared to be not a do-it-alone kind of task even though I managed to succeed. Just let the professionals do their job the next time you need to fix something like that, or at least find a good helper if you still plan on doing it yourself. I was half dead when I finished as it took several rounds to make everything look just right. Phew…

This week I was working on my memory. I mean that part of the body you use to hold the address of this blog. Well, my amazement can’t be put in words. The site I discovered is very concise and has tons of practical advices and methods. They are dedicated to the single topic — memory training — and extremely easy to grasp. What distinguishes this resource from many others is that it cuts to the chase. No fluff, just stuff. Please meet Build Your Memory dot Com.

I spent no more than 20 minutes to observe the first results and, frankly speaking, I was close to shock. It virtually knocked me out when I saw how good my memory works when well-operated. The first bright illustration was my ability to remember 20 unrelated words (and I’m still able to recollect them easily) in the correct order. Can you do that right now? I bet you can’t.

There are heaps of valuable advices on working with memory. Just to name some, they teach you how to remember big numbers (like a hundred digits long or more), organize your dreams and recall them at will. If nothing else, you will have some good time exploring your limits and there’s no doubt you’ll find something excitingly useful.

In my case, the life has already started to change for the better. Today, when I worked with a text for my next English classes, I was able to remember and still able to recall more than 35 new words and phrases after the single pass without any visible effort. It used to take more than a day to learn them before and at most only the half of them made their way to active vocabulary. It’s a remarkable progress to me.

As a side effect of this miraculous improvement I’m no longer afraid of learning new. There’s no feeling that the head is about to explode, if you know what I mean, and there’s no need to preserve precious space for really important special occasions. It’s a great pleasure to know that there’s room for everything I need.

Another small step to perfection. I love it!