My fever was progressing slowly over the last few days and I had to spend whole weekend at home almost chained to bed. It gave me enough time to review what essential reading was still in progress and choose some books to move on. It appears this weekend was dedicated to English studies and improving of writing skills.

For some weeks my favorite bed-time reading was The Elements Of Style by William Strunk, Jr. This is not really a book but a thin concise brochure on English grammar, usage and writing style. The most essential parts of the language are explained in great detail followed by deeply thought out examples. Even brief and elaborate reading can be of a real help to any newly baked writer. These fifty pages of concentrated wisdom will change your world as they changed mine. If you believe your text is ideally correct from the grammar point of you, don’t be so sure. Trust me, there’s a room for amends. It won’t take much time, but I promise you will be proud of yourself afterward.

A week earlier I had found a site — It had started as a first on-line writing classes. In addition to numerous courses and workshops on creative writing, fiction, poetry, screen writing and many others, they diligently collect valuable resources and send out a newsletter. Among other resources on digital law, copyrights, publishing advices, fees and taxes, there is tips section that really knocks out. It impresses with the variety of resources exhibited: capitalization, dangling modifiers, passive & active voice, point of view, punctuation, spelling and unacceptable words — everything is rather delicious. I spent long days there and my eyes are still wide-open. This very second I’m facing serious dilemma — to finish the sentence or literally dive back into reading.

Hardly anyone could overestimate the significance of these resources. One thing I’m constantly paranoid about is how many other interesting places I would care of do exist. It seems, I’ve been looking for something simply as useful as this for months and what troubles most is that it existed all that time… in some parallel world. Heaps of information are out there — undiscovered — to be explored!