Intriguing title, isn’t it? Heh, well, not so bad. Get your Wednesday morning smile with these two gorgeous findings.

First comes Photoshop Disasters with their way-too-many-arms evidence of what happens when you are photoshoping in an unstable drunk smashed state. But, wait, there’s more to it. Be sure to check the comments for additional fun; you deserve it.

And this one is for a desert. The Citizen explores the Lippencott “Gold Kit” offer (don’t miss the second page) inside-out and has incredible fun with it. These two pages gave me a huge smile (as it’s still early and I can’t laugh out loud without a danger to wake up Kate). It’s simply hilarious, don’t you find? This service would never work here on the eastern side of the pond, not to mention the trick itself. Opinions are welcome.

Enjoy your morning!