Yesterday it was a huge day for the local Crimean (Ukraine; is where I live) club community and youth. It is the day when the global Crimean club radio was brought up on the air.

Happy Birthday to “Aesthetics” Radio!

Crimean clubbing youth had several centralized portals and resources where they discuss events and collaborate, but never before did they have any common radio where DJ’s and musicians from all over peninsula and outside could exhibit their sets, compilations and compositions.

Here’s the link to the playlist with two channels (64kbit and 128kbit).

There’s the public calendar of the radio that I started to provide a more convenient and flexible way of presenting the radio program. Feel free to choose the events or subscribe to the calendar as the whole to monitor interesting events.

Here’s what is on the air today and tomorrow:


  • 10:00 Nick Motorin (Minsk) - “PreParty Radio Show” (multystyle)
  • 11:00 Eltech (St. Petersburg) “Muhomor” (deep, tech, minimal, breaks, Guest mixes)
  • 13:00 Mel.Ti (Sevastopol) – electro house breaks
  • 14:00 Somov (Sevastopol) – “Короткое замыкание” (electro/electrohouse, progressive house)
  • 15:00 Белов (Simferopol) - “Dark side of house” (house)
  • 16:00 Rush (Sevastopol) - “Rush Hour” (progressive)
  • 17:00 Pchel (Sevastopol) - “Jungle Ground” (drum&bass)
  • 20:00 D-Plexer (Simferopol) - “Техносфера” (techno)
  • 21:00 ZAPADLIST (Simferopol) - “Rudeboy’s time” (drum & bass)


10:00 ОЛЕХ (Simferopol) – “Шнайдер Шоу” (chiptune, nintendocore, 8bit) 11:00 Frost / Mandela / Discoden / Haze (Simferopol) – “TechDance” (deep, electro house) 13:00 Сладкевич (Simferopol) - garage 14:00 Fila (Minsk) - multystyle 15:00 Max Hydra (Lugansk) – “Электростатика” (electrohouse, minimaltechno) 16:00 Matveev (Simferopol) – “Night Impulse” (multistyle) 20:00 VeekTOR (Simferopol) – “FreeZone Show” (electrohouse, house) 21:00 NaDi (St. Petersburg) - “Girls Power” (tribal/progressive/house), “Sweet Dreams” (deep house/deep progressive) 22:00 Gato Cavalli (Ivano-Francovsk) - “Фарш для мозгов” (drum & bass) 23:00 Gul4atai Open Mind (Simferopol-Kharkov) - experimental