Pito has just told me that the a book “Wicked Cool Java” by Brian D. Eubanks is already available. You can find the review on Slashdot or visit the official site to get more information. In this post I won’t dive deep into details, but will just say why it’s so exciting personally to me.

Wicked Cool Java

In the Chapter 4 “Crawling the Semantic Web” the author mentions the project I’ve been involved in as an active contributor for more than two years already — Informa. Informa is the news feeds parsing library with several utility modules greatly simplifying life, own persistence layer with mappings for several most popular database engines, RSS/Atom parsers, exporters etc. In his fourth chapter the author mentions and gives examples of how to use Poller module which is one of my beloved children as well as Cleaner and Persistence Manager.

Well, what can I say!? It’s WICKED COOL and I’m really proud of it even though it looks like there’s no direct mention of me as an author of the modules. ;)

Have a good reading! And go grab the book at Amazon!