I’m a huge fan of Firebug – the top notch JavaScript / CSS debugging plug-in for Firefox – but recently it became completely unusable to me.

With the release of Ubuntu 8.04 the main browser now is Firefox 3 that comes as the default. Official Firebug doesn’t work with FF3, but there’s a development branch that does, well kind of. There are many sharp corners and rough edges in this latest development, but it was fantastic. Several days away from the installation I noticed my FF3 to begin crashing every now and then.

Today I finally had to remove the extension since the browser could crash 2-5 times a minute. I literally spent half a day trying to work on the site for my client. That’s unaffordable luxury.

For now I’ll be using the excellent Web Developer extension (ah, I miss that sexy JavaScript console of Firebug), but will be monitoring the Firebug development progress with a hope to get back to it soon.