We all make new year resolutions, and what’s tricky about it is that adding an item to the list often means becoming unhappier. How is that?

Well, the moment you start building the list you start hand-cuffing yourself. Every moment later you will be checking with your list to see if whatever you do at this very moment helps your goals or is it an awful “waste of time”. Even if it is a better thing to do, you will be sorry as it doesn’t help your own plans. Sticking to the plan is good, being flexible is better.

Enjoy the moment, be yourself!

Here’s some great inspirational read for you, entering this new 2008 year — 12 Ways to be More Free in 2007 by Pamela Slim. Yes, it’s a guide for the leaving year, but I reviewed it just now and can feel how right she is.

So enjoy your read, make the coming year better, and make it suite you best!