It appears Skypecasts aren’t dying, but having some tough times there. Yesterday I had some great fun in one general chat room: met a few new people, showed some of my urban photography works, shared views on modern music influences. Today, I wasn’t able to stay in a room for more than 14 seconds; it simply kicked me out of it and dropped the call all the time.

It said my Skype required an upgrade. I did that, and it didn’t make it any better. Let’s hope these are temporary problems. After all, it’s a great invention and a great tool for English learners, like me.

The second issue is that it seems they don’t have a Skypecast support in Mac clients. Is that correct? I can see that the Mac version of Skype is currently at 2.6.0.something and it’s definitely not enough. There’s no such feature in it, and clicking on a “join the skypecast link” brings up a please upgrade now message, but the upgrade itself doesn’t bring all necessary functionality. Does anyone have success with this?

You know I hate politics and even try to avoid monitoring what’s going on there on the big scene. I don’t have any bias towards any races or religions, but what I’m going to say really makes me think something isn’t right. Look, it can’t be a coincidence. I joined two or three rooms yesterday and always, I mean it — always, there was some Arab guy who joined the group and turned his Arab music to outloud everyone. Needless to say that was clearly the end of all conversations and made people upset. I’ll leave it to your own judgment now…

Have a nice day and let me know if you have any answers to my questions or comments. I would love to hear from anyone of you.