I can’t get an idea of what’s going on there with Skypecasts. Can somebody enlighten me? I have recently got a headset and decided to have some fun with public chat rooms in Skype, but what I saw didn’t please me at all. There are four to six rooms running at any given moment with almost all of them having no participants. I mean half of these rooms never responded to my call, and the other half had a host user only, which isn’t fun, is it?

Some time in the evening yesterday I finally managed to connect to a group of English learners (they appear to be the only active users of Skypcast these days if I get it right), but after five minutes of me sitting there some weird talkative aussie broke in and scared all the participants off by making fun of them and asking stupid questions. I like one part though… Here’s the short script:

  • aussie: … yeah, that’s my name “… Dandy”. You know that Crocodile Dandy? I’m his brother. I wrestle crocodiles.
  • one Canadian: well, that’s cool. I wrestle polar bears.

The point is made. Am I missing something or this appears to be a dead branch and isn’t worth monitoring?