If you are into SEO, you know how important keywords research phase is. I’m a very newbie in this area and always pay attention to what pro’s suggest. For a couple of weeks, I’ve been using Overture Keywords Inventory and Google External Keyword Tool for my research attempts. They are great tools and they are completely free.

As they say, there was a poll “Best Keywords Research Tools” recently and you can see the results below:

  • Keyword Discovery (18%)
  • Wordtracker (18%)
  • WordZe (15%)
  • Google Keyword Tool (14%)
  • SEO Digger (12%)
  • Overture Keyword Selector (6%)
  • SEO Boook Keyword Tool (3%)
  • KeywordSpy (3%)
  • SpyFu (3%)
  • Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool (3%)
  • NicheBOT (2%)
  • Hitwise Search Intelligence (2%)
  • Google Suggest Scraper (1%)
  • comScore qSearch (0%)
  • AdGooRoo SEM Insight (0%)

(from: Winner Best Keyword Research Tool)

I don’t know what you think looking at the results, but to me it seems there’s a little bit of a conservative smell in the figures. I tried, I honestly tried to use Keyword Discovery several times both two years and a week ago. Guess what? They didn’t bother to update their interface. It still quite inconvenient, performs badly and employs approaches older than the world itself. I don’t know what they think, but it’s quite clear they get good money to let themselves not to bother with such minuscule and unimportant things as flexibility, ease of use and overall look.

Anyway, it’s their choice and their business. I just got the confirmation for myself that one shouldn’t follow the crowd blindly. For me, the WordZe was a discovery and it looks as a very good commercial product worth a try. I’ll give it a closer look later. For now…

Enjoy your Friday!