For a long time it was a huge pain in the neck to follow the blogs and threads I was ever commenting on. Most of the time I had to make a heart-bleeding decision whether it is going to be a fire-and-forget kind of comment or will I bookmark it somehow for the later returns. I realize everyone has similar problems, otherwise they wouldn’t ask us to add some kind of comments tracking to BlogBridge, so that I’m not alone in these sufferings.

It seems someone got to the point of being desperate, and finally decided to aid the community with an excellent comment threads tracker — I discovered it by sheer accident noticing in my recent trackbacks section of the Wordpress administrative dashboard a reference from some new site. Quick check of the inbound link led to this amazing discovery. (BTW, it was you Markus, who “showed” me the way with your “IELTS: Done.” tracking.)

So how it is going to help? I believe they support some major blogging systems (Wordpress, Flickr, as I managed to notice from their guide) and use their comment tracking feeds and functions to get the list of recent updates. Then they process collected data and do notifications, organization and nice Web 2.0-ish display of threads in the inbox style. Nothing really complex, but they are the first (to my best knowledge) to turn it from a dream to a real thing. My kudos to you guys!

I personally, will give them a spin. It seems to be a good idea to finally organize my commenting world. It’s not too big, but still… One side-effect I noticed is that whatever conversation you take part in becomes visible to anyone in the world. I believe there’s something I can do to stay private as it’s definitely not in my plans to share a big chunk my personal life with “a community”. Let private stay private, I would say.

Anyway, good piece of news!

Update: I found privacy settings where they let (but not recommend) me hide my conversations from the world.