I wrote two or three posts ago that I played at the TechnoSphere 2007 pre-party live with my new MIDI controller console and it was spectacular. Now you can see it with your own eyes.

The first part is the very beginning of the performance. Experimental beats, lots of effects, and my nerves are still not really cooled at the moment.

Next comes the extract from the middle of the set. It was a stomping percussive track with rich bass back end. In the middle of the track the pattern and the whole scheme changes radically so that after a minute or so, you forget what was before the change. I started these experiments some time ago and quickly fell in love with the two tracks rolled in one structure.

The last part of the set was put together from the tracks of some Techno-gurus I deeply respect. I broke the tracks into pieces and constructed into a 45-minute long song. Here’s one of the scenes from this segment.

I don’t make any audio recordings of my performances for two reasons: a) they aren’t professional enough, b) I don’t want people sit in the comfort of their divans and criticize. If you want to hear me, come to parties; if not — it’s completely up to you.

Hope you liked the video. I was told that someone was processing another version and it’ll probably show up on the horizon soon. If it’s true, I’ll post it here. In the mean time, let me know what you think.