Many times I felt that I wish to mark some article I stumbled upon to get back to it later, or what’s better to save it somewhere for continued reference. There’s no doubts there are many of us in this club.

As you may know, I’m working for BlogBridge these days. Recently, we added a shining new wonderful plug-in framework that lets you or any 3rd party coder extend the functionality almost in a boundless way. Personally, my head is swelling with ideas to the point of explosion. That’s the main reason I’m starting the page where I publish extensions I write for the application. Be sure, I use them actively myself, so that’s not just a metaphysical exercise — it’s very serious stuff. Treat it accordingly. :)

Alright, that was a bit of introductory blah-blah, and here’s the real meat:

You can find the details on the plug-in page, but trust me, it’s that you always needed. :)

Have fun!