Today I bookmarked an article, and it’s extremely rare event just because usually I don’t see anything I would like to get back to and review later. Certainly, I don’t mean any reference materials, that are the essential part of my business life

The article I give extract from below is a great reminder. The reminder of all key moments you have to keep in mind when working and improving your working experience. Of course, many of the points are hard to implement as it sometimes scary to drive off the beaten track, but I believe some of them are ready for instant application and will make you feel more in control of your only life.

Even though our modern lives have an incredible number of time-saving devices, we seem to end up working more and more all the time. From time-saving devices in the home (microwave, the robot vacuum, and dishwasher, to name three), to time-saving devices at work (spreadsheets, email, Internet, etc.), we don’t seem to be able to take advantage of the time saved and claim it for ourselves.

(from: Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Work Week)