This week has started with learning very promising JavaScript toolkit — Dojo. Yeah, it’s been for some time on the stage, but I didn’t quite needed it until now. For the last couple of years I’ve been involved in extremely intensive development, and you know its name. Right, it’s BlogBridge. Mainly, we do some serious Java programming, but sometimes, and Feed Library is a great example, we switch to web development. This is the reason I’m trying to expand my horizons and learn something new in the area.

So, well, I started digging Dojo. Thanks God, there are a Book and a Wiki available. The manual is still incomplete which makes the learning a bit slower, but as it was mentioned by other fellow diggers almost billion of times, the fact that it’s all written in JavaScript compensates the lack of documentation; you can effortlessly pick up anything you need right from the code.

At this point, I’m glad with the progress and more than satisfied with how the whole thing works. My object-oriented mind rests here as it can create objects and tie them together to work collaboratively instead of multiplying infinite number of standalone functions building the tangled spider web of method calls as it’s common in conventional JavaScript programming.

I wish to share some links that helped me to make first steps. Hope they will give you a hand some day.

Oh yes, and just to boast a little, couple of minutes ago I sent a small report where pointed out several miniature mistakes in validation module and SwtWidget code preventing them from loading normally into IE and Safari browsers. FireFox grits its teeth but still eats the scripts; others seem to refuse.