Whole yesterday night the electricity was acting up, like a naughty child, and in the end went off. We woke up that morning only to find the lights, computers and radio completely dead. An unusual feeling… especially if all your life depends and is mainly spinning around the Internet that comes over the wires with electrons on the run. We spent a wonderful day reading, solving Japanese puzzles and preparing to our English classes that had started earlier this week. Now I’m back online and ready for action.

This time I share some of my recently discovered hidden places on the Net. These are all dedicated to photography, creative, never widely advertised and all holding immense value. Please join me for this quick tour.

Let me start with some extremely stylish thing. Here’s Cole Rise and the collection of mostly monochrome works driving you away into the mystic world of air. The spirit of flight is dominating in his works living in a cozy space of imaginary world. Take your time to discover the truth of birds and the power of winds, explore the volumes and break the law of gravitation with the wizard of this amazing gallery.

Moving slowly from unreal to Earth views, here comes Kenneth Parker with a colorful and extremely powerful collection of “windows” from all over the planet. It’s hard to put in words how high in quality these images are, and how breathtaking the views in them: pristine colors, professional cropping leaving vast space for imagination and the plot off the beaten track — all make the time collapse guiding you through the eternity of life. With lost settlements, the strength of nature, whims of flora and much more Kenneth Parker welcomes his visitors.

Eric Myer is an artist of a different kind. He spreads his wings with the urban culture. His definition of art is invariably based on humans, their surrounding and communication. The way he chooses to deliver the message through the boundaries of a static pulls the deepest strings of a soul. Never before have I seen such a sincere and lively reflection of human feelings as it is set in paper of his works. The color and action go hand in hand making you feel invigorating power of a radiant smile.

Quite opposite side of the human nature is shown in works of James Nachtwey; the dark side, with its unhealthy trend towards self-destruction and inflicting pain. In his own words, he witnessed a lot, and this experience is clearly mirrored. The position is doubtless and leaves no room for hesitation. There are no wonders of the world, there’s no joy, no fun in his work, just the deepest sorrow and the chilly breeze of an utter despair. Turn the pages of the dark side to see, to believe, to remember.

Hope you enjoyed this little journey in the stunning world of creative photography. Color and form is not the everything, you still need a feeling, a sense and a strong hand to make it real.

Until the next time!