As it has already become a bad habit among some bloggers I know, I’m begging your pardon for not writing here for a long time. I had lots of things to tell from new coding techniques to links I found on the web lately, but I honestly thought that it’s better to dedicate this blog to something specific. It can be about either photography or coding, but not both at once as it lowers the value. Hm, at least I thought so and still do.

What I decided is to start two other blogs here under umbrella for specific purposes as soon as I need them, and leave this particular blog alone for my random thoughts, links and announcements. Well, not as random as freestyle. I still like cool Web designs, electronic music, photography, programming, and basketball. If you share some of my interests, stay with me.

I would like to share lots of links with you, but let’s nibble the pie bit by bit:

Max Kiesler’s Demo Design is a good collection of best practices in the Web 2.0 world. I like the endless list of AJAX projects on the front page. It’s extremely invigorating and if you are looking for new ideas or inspiration for your next project, it’s worth looking. Never before had I seen such a big crowd of cool things in one place.

The next is LiveHack blog by Chris Brogan and Leon Ho, which is an amazing daily stream of wisdom. They spread the ancient knowledge of productivity through articles, link digests, and simple advices. Highly recommended! It doesn’t take much time, but brings some fresh air in the head.

I had never “believed” in humorous sites and never visited them rating all potential jokes there as “for dumbs”. Couple of days ago I was scanning one feed library when I came across this blog. It was mentioned among “Miscellaneuos” things and had that title you never let pass by — Smile of the Day. I gave it a quick glance and then it made its way directly to my daily reading list around the trials. What’s there? A very nice stream of healthy jokes, anecdotes, and fun stories. I really like it!

Let me have a break stopping on this major note. Time to get back to work!