Oh my, it’s been a long time since I wrote something in my blog last time. The last few weeks were the busiest time this year. At first, I had my laptop BIOS killed. Then it was successfully restored even though it required to unsolder it from the motherboard, reprogram and solder back. No, it was my father, the magician, who did all the job. Big thanks again, dad! Then there were some other minor troubles here and there taking all my focus and time.

To catch up with the news and, for a start, here’s a nice and magic service — San Francisco Cab Tracker. Never before had I seen anything like that as well as little did I know that it’s even possible to track the location of each specific cab in the area. Is that GPS-tricks?

Next time I promise to publish some cool photos from some factory in our Crimean mountains. It’s building was never finished, but what was built impresses.

Until next time!