Phew, what a busy day was yesterday. I was absolutely mesmerized deploying and announcing till late night, hence I even hadn’t got a second to make this final post to my own blog. Well, you can blame me on being not very objective about it, but this release will become one of my cherished memories for sure. Not only is it packed with lots of features I’m personally proud of, but also the deployment went well, we’ve got nice and inspiring coverage from our users (check out this post by Brian from The Institue of Hybernautics) and stuff.

I don’t wish to start outlining the changes even in brief here as probably you could have already seen them. If not — check the official announcement and history of changes.

It’s a bit early to judge about download stats yet as most of the services we use for our public announcements are still have no data available, but according to our internal counters this release has an unprecedented density of installations for the latest several hours. That makes me think of some possible implications — we might need another, more powerful server here to tackle with all this traffic. :)

Oh, one thing I would like to warn our Linux users still running stanalone (I mean taken from TGZ) version of BlogBridge 2.7 Stable. This version will successfully detect the update, but the “Download” button will be disabled. It happens because 2.7 wants to see Debian package but it’s not available. Starting from the version 2.13 the default package for Linux users is TGZ which makes more sense as it’s quite general and fits well every distribution.

Have fun!