Sometimes it’s even hard to imagine what will be the next gem you find on the net. This time it’s something really amazing and fun (as usual). I was just clicking here and there having a good time after my evening studies at Linguist Centre when one site grabbed my attention. The site is a large repository of links to different sounds. Yeah, it’s the well structured catalogue — FindSounds. The catalogue of various shrieks, beeps and clicks from all around, no matter whether it’s natural or artificial — anything you can ever think of.

Of course, it’s not the commercial library of sounds, it’s just the structured repository of the links to the sound files all over the Web. For the users it means that the quality of material is relatively low sometimes and can’t be used in serious projects. Other than that, the respository can easily be used as an excellent educational resource. Your children and neighbours will appreciate that, believe me.

On the related topic, a while ago I heard about some pet-care organizations playing sounds of kitchen stuff, noises of the city and the like to pets in their early ages to familiarize them with the future environment. That’s a great idea, I think, and it sounds pretty innovative — to train pets not to fear usual attributes of our modern living. Think about it.

If nothing else, now you know where to take all these “bells and whistles” for your grandma’s kitty, right?

Until next time!