The new wave of spam hit my mailbox with more intense. The spammers appear to become significantly more active approaching the New Year celebration. I’m getting more Rolex watches offers, winning in more lotteries and even losing unbelievable number of passwords from my PayPal account I have never had.

That becomes laughable. Really. Every morning, when I’m looking through the night mail, I get a good charge of positive emotions. The efforts people apply to deliver all this spam to my mailbox should pay off somehow or there’s no sense in doing that. The question is who are those making the spammers happy? There must be a crowd of them.

At first, I was angry. Then I bacame even more angry and nearly turned into roaring beast. Soon I realized that it just became an essential part of the Internet infrastructure and you can’t get rid of it. When put into perspective all this becomes laughable. One side making patches to the software fighting with spam, the other side is looking for the holes in these patches to workaround them. And we, the poor users, are their playground. Sometimes I even suspect the builders of spam filters and firewalls in sending spam to stimulate users do more upgrades. Anyway, I’m getting too deep into speculations…

Have a good holidays if we don’t talk again!