Sometimes the ideas are floating on the surface, but for some unknown reason no one sees them. This time is no exception.

Geominder is a very simple reminder software for your Nokia mobile. And now prepare yourself for some science fiction… It allows you to bind messages to any geographical locations, so that they pop up as you come there. Yeah, I didn’t get and believe this from the first run as well. The fast example is when you walk into the shop your mobile beeps and reminds to buy some stuff you need, or when you enter a library it automatically gives you a list of books to grab. Fiction? Yeah, we are living in some distant future already, but no one seemed to notice the transition. :)

The whole idea is based on the mobile cell ID. First, you teach the phone by giving the names to the cells and then you associate notes with them. Later, when you walk through the cells, it pops up the messages.

Everything genius appears to be so simple!