Have you ever heard Microtechno music? Everyone heard about Techno, Trance, Acid, Jazz, Classics etc etc, but I bet there are very few listeners aware of Microtechno, Microhouse and the whole family of micro-styles.

What’s the difference? The difference is in approach. While those traditional styles are mainly fighting for making music more powerful and rich with special effects, their Micro siblings are aimed to bring simplicity of sound and structure to the final listener, avoiding false complexity of representation. They keep it simple and that attracts. The simplicity of their world is somewhat different from what we are used to deal with. It lives, evolves and behaves as a living creature. The simplicity which absorbs you entirely, giving you a new sense, new motives to live and percept. OK, that was probably too deep, but it is what I actually think when listening to this amazing stuff.

I wouldn’t pretend to be your guide in this complex world of Micro-sound. What pushed me forward writing this small post was an unexpected discovery of one extremely typical and very tallented artist — AcidRain — and his album “Maridia”.

Have a good listening time!

Comments from the past

Kovalsky on 11/27/2005

Cool, thanks for the link! :)

Just downloaded these ones as well:




1st one is a great BGM. Deep and clicky.

Dave on 11/27/2005

You should have a listen to Alvo Noto (not the same as Aldo Nova), in particular, his collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto called “vrioon”… fantastic….