At last, Kate’s Mac has arrived and we are celebrating! We had some Sambuka cocktails in the evening and other exciting stuff.

But let’s get back to the subject. My first impression is that it is unusual. I realize that everything is easy to do, but not for former Windows/Linux user who is used to some common use patterns. A good example is an application uninstallation. I was nearly exhausted looking for some sort of an uninstaller or installed packages manager. At some point I noticed that the entry in the Applications list tells an approximate full size of installed application. It gave us a clue that probably all we have to do is sending the application to Trash Can in order to remove it from the computer.

We did it; the application has gone. For me it’s a bit scary. Why? Because I always think of registry records and data files which are left after an application removal. The removal on Mac didn’t leave any traces of the application with small exception for some configuration files. Wonderful!

So, I’m satisfied with the buying so far. Let’s see how it goes next! For now we are expecting a big package of software to arrive later this week. It will be complete Adobe and Macromedia suites, some tools and games, and more.