I’ve just stumbled across an interesting article by Stuart Waterman on Renault’s RS25 V10 engine, used in Formula One racing cars, has been taught to sing “We are the Champions” by Freddy Mercury.

It’s amazing how precisely this rendition sounds! At a glance I was slightly confused by this fact. What should be happening to the engine internals, switching RPM’s that fast? But the next moment I realized that it could be another wonderful and very artistic way of testing engine reliability and robustness. They could think of some application which takes popular or famous tunes in MIDI file format and use them to make a sound test for engines they produce. The whole factory could sing one song today and choose the other tune for tomorrow. Of course, it sounds weird and this is how it is. But it’s just fun to think about and even more riverting to imagine. :)

Anyway, the MP3 sounds totally amazing and worth listening even if you aren’t fond of Freddy Mercury’s songs. Watch it!