Yes, we finally did it with Kate. We decided to replace Kate’s desktop PC with an iBook from a new updated line (14″/1.44GHz/1GB/60GB/SuperDrive/AE/BT). So why have we decided to make this step?

Here’s the list of our most important points:

  1. Mobility. Kate is a designer and it’s essential for her to be mobile in order to talk with her clients effectively, showing the demos et cetera. Furthermore, we always keep in our minds a potentially-soon migration to Australia and her desktop PC could be an anchor.
  2. We both got tired from Windows platform. These endless problems with registry which becomes overflown once a year requiring whole system to be reinstalled can make mad anyone. Also, what makes me sick is that such a big company as Microsoft is unable to show something really revolutionary. Instead, it always repaints Start button in different colors and sells that again and again, while the whole other world is evolving. Have you seen what the Start button looks like in Vista? Wow!
  3. Noise. I must admit that our desktop PC is somewhat noisy. Although, I already have an exhibition of coolers on my shelf, I still can’t find one with acceptable level of noise. My PC laptop (HP nx9005) becomes noisy only when do something intensive, like building the project, but all other time it’s silent.

Well, I have already pre-ordered the iBook. The guys at the store said that it will be available on Tuesday. Then it will be delivered to me some time, so I expect it to come in the end of the next week. Hopefully, it all will work out.

See you!