Couple of days ago I saw a link to Escape Pod science fiction podcast. At first, I didn’t pay enough attention to it, although, I still gave it a quick look. It made its way somewhere deep into my brains and didn’t show up until this evening. You might know that I’m studying English (or, perhaps, polishing it) and always looking for good opportunities to extend and improve my communication skills.

Today I’ve got an idea. Why not give it a try and combine learning with a pleasure of listening to some science fiction? So, that’s how I decided to review the site again and download some issues. I’ve downloaded two of them (#19 Implications and #24 The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario) and, now that I’ve finished listening to them, I’m definitely going to get the rest of them. It’s so wonderful and exciting that I would recommend anyone out there to give it a whirl on the off-chance. Yeah, it’s something special!

I promise, you would find it time well-spent for sure!