Another busy week is over. During this week we received some valuable recognition from our users and I would like especially mark David Herron and his analysis of the BlogBridge performance evolution. It is always inspiring to hear responses of this kind. Thanks, David!

Today was another big and very productive round of product polishing reflected in a long list of small yet necessary fixes and improvements. We worked our fingers to the bone making the application as fast and robust as it’s only possible. Hope that it’s going to turn into a feather in our cap soon.

I plan tomorrow to be a day of healthy rest. My friend and I have decided to visit several book stores. As for me, I wish to discover some more modern Japanese writers. What I noticed is that it’s really hard for me to switch to European or American reading from Japanese. I can feel that the rhythm, stylistic devices and atmosphere of Japanese books is rather relaxing and fits me better than an aggressive and speedy plot of modern western authors. There’s no rush, all the twists of a plot are very well-weighted, characters maintain a deep mental connection with you while you are literally glued to a book.

What I don’t like in books most of all is when authors explain their points and impose their own judgements of situations being described. If you have an alternative vision and own opinion (as I always do), it’s often hard to continue reading feeling disconcerted with author points. I hate to tell that, but often I have no other choice than to drop the book in the middle considering it being a waste of time.

Another good news is that today a new Ubuntu Linux release — version 5.10 — was born. I have already ordered free PC version of it and waiting impatiently for it to come in about two weeks or so. Most noticeable (for me) changes are:

  • Updated GNOME (2.12.1), OpenOffice (2.0 beta 2), (6.8.2)
  • Integrated writing of audio CD’s
  • Updated kernel (
  • Further laptop enhancements (hope suspend on my laptop will start to work at last)

Well, that’s all for now.

See you!