I’m taking a deep breath… It’s Sunday. Yesterday we were wandering around the city, looking for something to entertain ourselves with. It happened that we visited a book store and bought couple of wonderful books. I’ve chosen “NP” by Banana Yoshimoto and Kate some detective story, the title of which I can’t recall now.

The time wore off; we decided to visit my parents and have a dinner with them. It was the wonderful time: we exchanged news and laughed a lot. Everything was very usual as if we were still living as one big family under the same roof. What’s strange, I can’t remember what happened after that. Perhaps, I was reading the book or doing something else. The whole time from the moment of departing from the parents till today’s morning seems to be cut into thousands of stripes; some of them are still with me and others were taken away by someone. I can remember only several moments, like taking to Pito, reading the book, having my hair cut (or it was before talking to Pito?). Strange thing…

This morning I finished the book. Well, it was as pleasant as all other Japanese authors I have read before. A very soft, slow moving and evolving plot with several parallel lines, crossing in the end. The whole book has a wafer mystery cover, grabbing your attention entirely. I won’t tell you what it is about, but it’s worth every second spent on reading. What I have seen for the first time is how the author makes you feel being a very clever person. She doesn’t explain some turns of the plot, but intuitevely you understand the connection and get proud of yourself. The next moment you realize how clever the author is to write all of it exactly in this way. It’s spectacular!

Hey, there’s a big and tasty apple pie in front of me. Kate made it and it looks and smells terrific. How can I express that? No way. Just come and try some.

Well, that’s all for now. I have to think how to spend the rest of my weekend after the work on the pie is done.

Have a good rest! Another busy week is coming!