The world of graphics was always exciting. Who from us didn’t wish to create something really coverful and impressive some day? Most of the time I think that it’s not my business and I don’t have time for that, but once I see some really brilliant masterpice of modern art (which is also very simple technically), I start to think “ah, I could do that as well. OK, let me download some painting software and try myself in it once again (as I did it almost thousand of times before).” Yeah, the same thing with a video and video performances. It’s usually expected that when we grow bigger this childish approach to life activities disappears, but, in fact, sometimes it grows bigger following your new possibilities. To be honest, it happens to me very often.

That’s why I was really excited to learn that a friend of David Pescovitz has just released his new book called “The VJ Book: Inspirations and Practical Advice for Live Visuals Performance.” Well, I’m not sure that I will try myself as a VJ soon as I’m already sort of a DJ. But in any case, the book should be really exciting even for a quick scan. Thanks it still not too expesive. Check it out on Amazon!