Here comes an interesting piece of software — KlipFolio. It’s the desktop-integrated RSS reader and can do far more than that. It is capable of showing stock news, the weather and lots of other interesting bits of information. Here’s what the authors tell about their creation:

It’s the smallest, smartest and most configurable RSS Dashboard on the planet. KlipFolio can be used to monitor anything you want online–like weather, stocks, Hotmail, news, RSS feeds and even auctions–right on your desktop.

I haven’t tried it for myself as I’m not running Windows normally, but only for special occasions; but the pictures and reviews of some users look really promising. I can foresee the success of desktop-integration approach in general as it’s something really expected. I wonder how much time should pass before a desklets, collaborating with each other, will start to appear. For example, we could have a desklet with time-wheel painted on it and the other desklet with the weather map. When put close enough to each other the time desklet could be used to give an offset from current date for the weather map desklet which will show the history of the weather and future weather reports for the selected date. It’s amazing new functionality with extreme lots of applications and combinations. Someone should to carry off this task… Hey, we are losing our time!