Hooray! Wonderful news knocking at the door — Advanced Installer for Java (3.3) goes on Mac; and this is a really big step forward. We, as the proud users of AIFJ, are extremely happy to have an opportunity to build the Mac distributions of our application — BlogBridge — without serious messing with console. When we were choosing the installer for the application our main criteria was the presence of the Windows platform support. The Mac support was preferred but rather optional as we knew how to build a distribution package from the command line or with a console script. Of course, having this process automated means a big boost in our performance. A lot of thanks to you guys!

Also the team reports the following changes:

  • Inclusion and exclusion filters for Synchronized Folders.
  • Editing multiple files’ properties at once.
  • File version override.
  • Stretched or fixed size switch for dialog banners and bitmaps.
  • Configurable Merge Modules.