Now that I’ve spent more than an hour wandering through the CiteULike — academic papers bookmarking site — I can authoritatively say that I’m in love with this web place. I know that these days everything is possible, but sometimes it’s even hard to imagine what you wish to wonder yourself with.

Personally, I’m very interested in perception issues: how people interpret colors, how they percept sound. I like to experiment with this stuff and feel really excited when people respond in predictable manner. As I’m a bit color-blind my color experiments usually end up with lethal outcomes (just kidding ;) ).

From the side of every-day applications, we hit the same problems over and over again. Just tell me if you aren’t curious about how to teach yourself to learn fast, how to start reading even faster and understand better what you see. I would very-very like to have some of these issues resolved as it deadly affects my productivity. The faster we do things, the better the results and the more satisfied we feel ourselves. In fact, I would like to feel myself better and better. :)

So, for me, this site is a real chest of treasures. I was going to jump through 5-7 other bookmarking services, but my attention was attracted so much that even now, when I’m writing this lines, one of my eyes is reading The Memory Of Noise annotation. :)

Interesting findings to all of you and have fun!