People of the World, Listen! Today we have released another long awaited final of BlogBridge for your enjoyment and unlimited pleasure. We were working hard for more than four months to deliver tons of new features and fix known loose ends. This release features so many features, that I wouldn’t even try to list all of them. I simply have not enough memory installed on my laptop to work with files of such lengths. For your statistical pleasure I will outline only major updates.

Here they are:

  • SmartFeeds for:
    • Technorati
    • Flickr
    • Feedster
    • Connotea
    • Findory
    • Amazon
  • SmartFeeds Custom Queries, based on:
    • Date, Status, Starz, Text, Tags
  • Tagging
    • Tag Feed
    • Tag Article
    • Automatic fetch of existing tags
    • Suggesting previously used tags
    • Direct integration with
    • BlogBridge Service native tagging
  • Feed Cleanup Wizard
    • Per guide or all guides
    • Cleanup based on:
      • Starz
      • Recently posted
      • Recently looked at
  • Performance
    • Reduced memory use
    • Improved speed
    • Improved ability to handle large number of feeds
  • User Interface and Usability
    • Drag and drop enhancements
    • Go to next unread without a keyword match
    • Menu reorganization and simplification
    • More precise and reliable rendering of content
    • Color selection for different filters + hidden mode
    • Protection against unintentional reseting stored feeds on exit
  • Networking & Parsing
    • Significant improvements in feeds parsing (more feeds)
    • Activity Monitor
    • Enhanced images loading
    • Support for resuming and redirecting
  • BlogBridge Service
    • Native BlogBridge private tags
    • Greatly improved feed discovery

Well, slowly getting tired of writing… Oh, and let me mention… wait… why don’t you go and try it yourself? For you testing pleasure we’ve deployed the product at several locations.

If you prefer Java Web Start, it’s, probably, the simplest way to start. It’s as simple as following the deployment link.

For those of you, who hack a lot, there’s a download section link.

If you are reading maniac and have enjoyed this writing you can read it again and again, and again (kidding) on the main product page. In fact, the site contains lots of useful tips, faqs, news, navigations maps, screen casts and much more. Don’t miss it!

And the last… don’t forget to send us your comments and suggestions on any e-mail you will have been able to find. We kindly accept all flavors of feedback from thank you’s to blames and abnormal critics (well, not really kindly for the last one).

OK, have a pleasant time running BlogBridge and we will go back to work and continue to surprise you. We have a great plans for version 3.0 already. Sometimes we don’t have time even for another cup of coffee — working really that hard.