Appcelerator Titanium: Scaling and cropping images

At the time of writing Titanium is at: 3.3.0 GA In the project I'm supporting we juggle with camera shots like crazy. One of the recent requests from »

Thoughts on present iOS development

Now the time for iOS has come and I'm putting together these notes basing on my recent experience with XCode 6 Beta, Beta 6 and Beta 7. On to the »

What I like about present Android development

Android Studio. Number one most important thing in whole Android development story is Android Studio built on top of IntelliJ IDEA engine. Excellent off the box Gradle support, intuitive source »

Constraints aware soft keyboard compensation on iOS

A while ago Apple introduced constraints-based layouts for Mac OS X and iOS user interface designs. It's a huge and logical step forward from pixel-perfect fully manual laying out of »