Aleksey Gureev

Sevastopol, Russia 17 posts

FFMPEG fade in/out expressions

Alpha expressions to help you fade in and out video elements in time.   Read More

Easy options parsing in shell scripts

Simple cheat sheet on shell script option parsing using getopts.   Read More

Elixir meets

Detailed recipe of how to build your app Docker image and run it efficiently.   Read More

Cross-platform app links

Notes on making app links work for Android and iOS with XML/JSON samples and Titanium snippets.   Read More

Filtering ListView in NativeScript

Simple and easy to grasp example of how one would filter a ListView in NativeScript.   Read More

Understanding NativeScript binding patterns

NativeScript has one terrific, yet sometimes misunderstood, feature -- data bindings. In this post I would like to lay it out so that it's easy to grasp and start using.   Read More

Dash docset for NativeScript

Release notes for the NativeScript Dash Docset.   Read More

Global data sync in Android apps

This post contains some insights into how global and user-specific sync works in Android apps. Highlights some poorly documented areas of the process.   Read More

Chat rooms app in Elixir in 15 minutes

Showcase post that touches a tiny part of what Elixir and the accompanying tooling can help you build in very short time. Covers Phoenix and Websockets.   Read More

Bare bones files watch

Detailed explanation of bare bones file watcher without any dependencies.   Read More